Announcing Data Community DC!

We're very pleased to announce the formation of Data Community DC, Inc., a new organization dedicated to the support of the Data Science, Statistics, Analytics and related communities here in the Washington, DC area! Formed by the organizers of the rapidly-growing Data Science DC and R Users DC Meetups, DC2 will support those groups and help to create new Meetup groups and other events and services. By providing the Meetup groups with a formal organizational structure, we will ensure that they thrive for years to come. We also wish to help other related groups, new and existing. The nascent Data Business DC Meetup, which will kick off in the coming months, will also be a program of DC2, and will benefit from its structure and support as it grows.

We also have plans to provide a number of other services with the support of the data community. Projects we have in mind include running full-day instructional seminars, organizing hackathons and data dives, and acting as a resource for data-related event-planners. Have an idea on how to make Data Community DC even more valuable for you and for the community? Please get in touch!

Want to hear more about DC2 and its activities? Please subscribe to this blog, or follow us on Twitter, or better yet, come to an event and help us to grow this community!