DC Startups and the Data Scene

Our friend Andrew Conklin from DC ACM and DC Nightowls brought to our attention a new initiative he's working with to help local entrepreneurs meet each other and create new products and companies. The tech entrepreneurship scene in the DC area is of course booming, and I think one of the key strengths of the region is the strength and diversity of statistical and analytic talent here. Folks traditionally associated with NIH, NSA, and thousands of other agencies and contractors are a potentially great resource for the region's entrepreneurial community, and conversely, the thriving tech scene means that there are new opportunities for skilled people to get involved in the business world in a whole new way. I think that the DC area can, and should, be one of the nation's centers for businesses of all sorts focusing on delivering insights and value from organizational data. Having a niche allows a city or region to develop a deep, connected talent pool, as New York City has for sectors such as media and advertising. DC's tech talent pool should include data analytics as a key differentiating factor. Here's the project that Andrew mentioned, FounderDating. If you participate, please let us know how it goes!


Entrepreneurs: Connect w/Amazing People to Start Companies/Projects With

FounderDating (FD) is an invite-only, online network for entrepreneurs to connect with cofounders. What makes them different?

  • High Quality -- members are carefully screened for quality and readiness (no recruiters, etc.) Applications and members’ identities are confidential, but a few of the folks who are part of the network are former founders or early employees from: stackmob, snapfish, Zynga, Loggly and Gilt just to name a few.
  • Balanced -- 50% engineering & 50% non-engineering
  • Reach -- FD’s online network allows you to connect with people in your city and beyond to share ideas and begin building something you’re passionate about.
  • No Idea Necessary -- FD is about the people, so you don’t need to have an idea, just be ready to work on a serious side project

Upcoming DC deadline is September 24th.

Apply Now -> http://members.founderdating.com/application/

You can read more about FD here and here.