New DC Data Events Listing

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Data Events calendar:! The calendar will have events in the DC area related to statistics, machine learning, open data, and big data -- from evening Meetups to daytime seminars and conferences to weekend hackathons and workshops. We'll be curating the calendar to give this community the best view of events of interest. Please take a look and submit any events you have coming up to the site. If you have ongoing events, you can submit an iCal link and it will automatically pull in new events as they're scheduled. The calendar is only as useful as you make it, so please submit links of interest!

If you'd like to see all upcoming events in your existing calendar, you can pull the iCal link. You can also use the RSS feed to see new events as they're scheduled.

Props to @rossk for eventgrinder, the Django app we cribbed to make this happen.

And if you see any problems, or have suggestions on how we can make the events calendar more useful for you, please let us know on our github Issues page, or email us.