Guest Blog Posts

One of our goals for DC2 is to provide an outlet for local Data enthusiasts to share things they're working on or that they've written. The Meetup events (and eventually conferences and workshops) are an obvious forum. But we'd like this blog to be such a forum too. Here are four ideas we have for community-driven content:

  • Event reviews. We'd love to have people provide brief summaries of and reactions to events ranging from Meetups to conferences.
  • Book reviews. We'd love to have takes on new books of interest to this community. We can likely provide review copies of O'Reilly books to anyone in exchange for a post here.
  • Paper reviews. We'd love to have takes on new and important published articles in any related field (stats, machine learning, OR, econ) that would be broadly interesting to local practitioners.
  • Interviews. We'd love to use this space to share wisdom from local movers and shakers in the Data community, in academia, industry, or government.

Have other suggestions for content that you'd find valuable here? Have content around any of the above three you'd like to share? Want to sponsor any of the above? Please contact us!