Community Indicators Conference

This is a guest post from Jim Farnham, co-organizer of the upcoming Community Indicators Consortium Impact Summit in College Park. Community indicators are an effort to bring performance metrics to local-level governance, and as such are related to the Open Data movement. CIC is sponsoring DC2 this month, in an effort to get the local community aware of this event. We thank Jim and CIC for their support, and urge locals interested in Open Data and related topics to consider attending! CIC’s Impact Summit -- November 15-16,2012 in College Park, MD -- will be a forum for community indicators practitioners and stakeholders to share projects, research and lessons of various fields including Sustainability, Health, Education as well as to explore approaches and tools in creating positive impacts within our communities. The Community Indicators Consortium (CIC) is an active, open learning network and global community of practice among persons interested or engaged in the field of indicators development and application. We host webinars and conferences, manage an indicator project database, and undertake projects aimed at building the field.

Our conference provides an opportunity to share ways of increasing the impact of our work on behalf of our communities, public officials, funders, professional networks, businesses and clients in a variety of formats and tracks.

Join over 200 practitioners, analysts, academics, funders, and data providers in over 20 sessions to share our work and explore new ways and tools to track impact, understand macro trends buffeting our communities, and learn how to effect change and bridge the distance between objective high quality data and subjective perceptions and interpretation.  Full details are available at the conference web site.  For those of you who cannot make it to College Park, we will provide streaming of portions of the conference and other portions will be online for member access after the conference

(Individual membership in CIC is $75 per year and provides discounted access to CIC conferences, free access to 10-20 webinars per year and all webinar and conference archives).

Presenters at the CIC Impact Summit  include: Robert Groves – Former Director of US Census Bureau Bryan Sivak  – Chief Technology Officer, US. Department of Health and Human Services Eugenie Birch – University of Pennsylvania Charlotte Kahn – Director of Boston Indicators Project Chantel Bottoms – Austin Community Action Network Michael McAfee – Promise Neighborhoods Institute, PolicyLink Salin Geevargese – HUD, Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities

And about 50 others.

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