Weekly Round-Up: Big Data Business Models, Cloudera, BI Trends, and Cool Visualizations

This week, we continue our data round-up series containing the most interesting data science, machine learning, statistics, and analytics articles we've come across.  We found several great articles this week with topics spanning from big data to business intelligence with some interesting data visualizations sprinkled in there. In this week's round-up:

  • What a Big Data Business Model Looks Like
  • Mapping Twitter's Python and Data Science Communities
  • Big Data Leader Cloudera Raises $65M to Fuel Further Hadoop Adoption
  • Infographic: Google's Flu Map Might Predict the Next Big Epidemic
  • Top 10 Trends for Business Intelligence

What a Big-Data Business Model Looks Like

This Harvard Business Review article describes some of the different types of business models you can build around data.  One of the business models involves using data to differentiate your offerings, another involves the brokering of targeted information, and yet another involves using data to know where to route information.  If you're involved in running any kind of business, this article will surely spark some ideas as to how you could leverage data to produce more value.

Mapping Twitter’s Python and Data Science Communities

This post on Gilad Lotan's blog highlights a couple very interesting visualizations he created using data from Twitter to visualize the relationships within the Python and Data Science Communities.  In the post, he describes some of the steps he took in putting this together, and at the bottom he includes a presentation he gave on it.

Big Data Leader Cloudera Raises $65M To Fuel Further Hadoop Adoption

Cloudera, the company behind Hadoop, raised a round of venture capital this week.  This TechCrunch article talks about some of the specifics and about what this means for the company and for the big data marketplace as a whole.

Infographic: Google’s Flu Map Might Predict The Next Big Epidemic

This article talks about the interesting flu prediction visualization map that the folks at Google have created to predict the spread of the flu virus in real time.  The article describes at a high level what kind of data is used to create the map and provides a link to it so that you can play around with it yourself and see what they predict for your area.

Top 10 Trends for Business Intelligence: Our Outlook on 2013

Tableau - a business intelligence, data visualization, and data discovery company - published it's outlook for 2013 this week, containing what they think are the top 10 trends in business intelligence.  There are trends involving unstructured data, cloud analytics, visualization, predictive analytics, and mobile.  Check out the rest!

That's it for this week.  Make sure to come back next week when we’ll have some more interesting articles!  If there's something we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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