R Users DC Meetup: “Analyze US Government Survey Data with R”

We are excited to bring to you a review written by guest columnist Jerzy Wieczorek, U.S. Census Bureau statistician, "working primarily in small area estimation and Bayesian statistics, and using statistics in humanitarian and volunteer work."

At this past Thursday's R Users DC Meetup, Anthony Damico presented a rousing encouragement of the use of R and introduced us to several excellent resources:

  • "Analyze Survey Data for Free," his blog with instructions and "obsessively commented" example R scripts for downloading and analyzing publicly-available US government datasets... including the use of MonetDB, an open-source database management system that helps R handle huge datasets
  • twotorials.com, his collection of 2-minute-long targeted tutorial videos for learning R (there are over 90 so far)
  • sascii, his R package which can automatically process a flat data file's SAS input statements and read the data directly into R, thus bypassing the need for manual conversion or running SAS.

For more details, including Anthony's data analysis flowchart and his advice on R vs. its competitors, see the full review over at Civil Statistician.

You can also download the audio of Anthony's presentation here or watch a video of it here.