Weekly Roundup: The Future of Programming, Top 20 Data Masters Programs, Kaggle CEO Interview, and Netflix's Hadoop Architecture

This week in the round-up, we have 4 interesting articles ranging in topics from the future of programming to what innovative companies like Kaggle and Netflix are up to. In this week's round-up:

  • The Future of Programming
  • Top 20 Big Data Masters Programs
  • Interview with Kaggle CEO, Anthony Goldbloom
  • Netflix shows off how it does Hadoop in the cloud

The Future of Programming

This is the first in an upcoming series of O'Reilly articles about how computing is changing and how programming will need to change because of it. Some of the changes mentioned in the article include movements toward distributed computing, device computing, data computing, and democratized computing.

Top 20 Big Data Masters Programs

If you're looking to increase your data science skills and you prefer structured learning to fishing for resources on your own, InformationWeek just published a list of the Top 20 big data masters degree programs. The article has details about each school's program, including prerequisites and information about whether distance learning and part-time versions of the program are available.

Interview with Kaggle CEO, Anthony Goldbloom

This TechCrunch article contains an interview with Kaggle CEO Anthony Goldbloom. In the interview, Anthony talks about how he started the company, how Kaggle helps rank data scientists, the motivations of competitors on the site, and how the company provides value for its clients without heavy commitment.

Netflix shows off how it does Hadoop in the cloud

This is a GigaOM article featuring Netflix's homemade architecture for running Hadoop workloads in the cloud. The article gives a high level overview of how the company has set things up and also mentions the major advantages that having things set up in such a way gives them.

That's it for this week. Make sure to come back next week when we’ll have some more interesting articles! If there's something we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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