DBDC Event Review: Learning Analytics - Education, Data, and the Future

Data Business DC's third meetup, Learning Analytics - Education, Data, and the Future,  focused on the opportunities and trends in the education space. It was a packed house with over 100 folks kindly hosted by the great people from newBrandAnalytics who provide social market intelligence for businesses and government.


Onuka "Nuke" Ibe  - Managing Director, Operational Systems & Reporting - College Summit

Nuke spoke about the challenges that College Summit has faced collecting and using data to help students get into college.  In case you didn't know:

College Summit’s mission is to increase the college enrollment rates of youth from low-income communities.We partner with 180 high schools across the country to achieve the common purpose of all students experiencing high school as a launchpad for college and career success.



Arian Arfaian - Senior Engineer - EverFi

How do you know if people are learning when using an online education system? How long did they spend on a particular module? Arian spoke about a new framework that EverFi is developing capable of tracking at a very high fidelity the exact amount of time spent on each piece of content.



Michael R. Nelson - Senior Technology and Telecommunications Analyst - Bloomberg Government

Spoke about the shortage and importance of data scientists. Bottom line, data scientists are in demand and there aren't enough of them!


Paul McGowan - Vice President - CIT Connect Consulting

Paul was a super energetic guy who talked about two main things. One, a longitudinal data set that the state of Virginia had on students; and two, about Apps4Virginia, an initiative to get people to develop apps using Virginia's education data.


Benjamin BengFort - CTO - Unbound Concepts

Benjamin discussed some really impressive products that his company is working on. One that really stood out was their BookLeveler tool, which algorithmically determines the reading level of books (a task that now requires a ton of manual input). They use real teachers to create the training set and then add some impressive special sauce.


Jeff Olson - Vice President of Customer Research - Kaplan Test Prep

We're aware the cookie monster is tracking our movements online, but did you know our reading habits can be tracked too? Jeff is doing some awesome work at Kaplan looking at the reading habits of Kaplan's users. JeffOlson_Kaplan