GCE vs EC2 Part 2b: The Price War Heats Up ...

seansmall by Turns out that one of our earlier posts was quite prophetic. From Amazon this morning, 2/1/2013:

Price reduction for Amazon EC2 We are reducing Linux On Demand prices for First Generation Standard (M1) instances, Second Generation Standard (M3) instances, High Memory (M2) instances and High CPU (C1) instances in all regions. All prices are effective from February 1, 2013. These reductions vary by instance type and region, but typically average 10-20% price drops. For complete pricing details, please visit the Amazon EC2 pricing page.

Notice that this price drop is only happening on the instance types that compete directly with GCE instances, even up to the fact that this is only on Linux instances and not Windows instances which Google do not offer (yet).

It looks like we have a war brewing and the customer is going to win.