Recommended Reading List for "Teaching Machines to Read" Event

On March 14th, the Mid-Maryland Data Science group will be hosting a meetup on Teaching Machines to Read: Processing Text with NLP, featuring three NLP experts discussing their work. Since NLP is a complex topic that intersects many disciplines such as computer science, linguistics, and artificial intelligence, we wanted to provide a collection of resources that may help members become familiar with the

Fundamentally, natural language processing deals with the ability of computational systems to analyze and understand human language. Craig recommended several online courses about NLP.

Starting February 24th, Coursera is offering a 10 week long course on Natural Language Processing, taught by Michael Collins of Columbia University. There is also another planned course, Natural Language Processing, taught by several Stanford professors.

From the main Stanford website, the CS224N - Natural Language Processing course has many lectures and slides available. Craig also recommended the accompanying textbook, Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing.

For those interested in playing around with NLP themselves, the Weka project is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks using Java.