Weekly Round-Up: Long Data, Data Storytelling, Operational Intelligence, and Visualizing Inaugural Speeches

Welcome back to the round-up, an overview of the most interesting data science, statistics, and analytics articles of the past week. This week, we have 4 fascinating articles ranging in topics from data storytelling to visualizing presidential inauguration speeches. In this week's round-up:

  • Forget Big Data, Think Long Data
  • Telling a Story with Data
  • Is Operational Intelligence the End Game for Big Data?
  • US Presidents Inaugural Speech Text Network Analysis

Forget Big Data, Think Long Data

While Big Data is all the rage these days, this Wired article trumpets the merits of Long Data - data sets that have massive historical sweeps. It points out that Big Data is usually from the present or from the recent past and so you often don't get the same perspective as you do from data sets that span very long timelines. These data sets let you observe how events unfold over time, which can provide valuable insights. The article goes on to describe more differences between Big and Long Data and cites examples of some of the ways Long Data is used today.

Telling a Story with Data

Deloitte University Press published an interesting post this week about how to tell a story with data. The post argues that unless decision-makers understand the data and its implications, they may not change their behavior and adopt analytical approaches while making decisions. This is where data storytelling - the art of communicating the insights that can be drawn from the data - comes in. The post goes on to describe some good and bad examples of this and also provides some useful guidelines for it.

Is Operational Intelligence the End Game for Big Data?

This is a post on the Inside Analysis blog that talks about how Business Intelligence is beginning to be taken to the next level, and how that level is Operational Intelligence. With the advancement of data science and big data technologies, organizations are starting to be able to take a deeper look into their data, draw insights that weren't visible previously, and start using predictive analytics to forecast more accurately. The post goes on to talk about Operational Intelligence and how these new insights can be transferred to a user or system that can make the appropriate business decisions and take the required actions.

US Presidents Inaugural Speech Text Network Analysis

This is a post from Nodus Labs showing off some of the interesting work they've done creating network visualizations out of US presidential inaugural addresses. The post describes their methodology, includes a video explaining the networks, and they even embedded some examples that you can play around with and explore!

That's it for this week. Make sure to come back next week when we’ll have some more interesting articles! If there's something we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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