Visualization Debugging Meetup: Recommended Resources

Data visualizations are often an end product, developed to present the results from a model or analytic. During the development and debugging stages of the application, we rely on logs, print statements, and stack traces, instead of crafting visualizations tools to helps us better understand the internal application state. On April 8th, the Data Science MD group will host a meetup on Algorithmic Visualizations: Patterns, Debugging, and Practice, where Jason Gilman, Dan Pilone, and Marc Huffnagle will discuss how visualizations can help developers build complex data intensive applications and algorithms.

In working with these visualizations, Jason was partially inspired by the work of Brett Viktor who discussed the use of visualizations in representing math and teaching programming. For visualization tools, Jason recommended the jQuery plugin Peity and JavaScript library Tangle. Much of the work that Jason will be discussing can be seen at Spatial Viz with blog posts discussing some techniques he employed.

Dan’s preferred tool set includes the amazing D3 library, the Sinatra DSL for creating web applications, Ruby on Rails, and Graphite for scalable realtime graphing. Dan recommended the D3 tutorial by Scott Murray.

When investigating performance, Marc combines data visualization with the high-performance advanced key-value store redis and background job management system Resque.

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