Guys Vs Girls - Check out the New Data Blog from Local Startup Hinge

Today we are reblogging (with permission of course) a new local data blog, Hingesights  (, from local dating startup Hinge. In their own words:

Hinge is a better way to meet dates. Simply rate your interest in your friends' Facebook friends, then Hinge lets you know when you're both interested. hingelogohighresIt’s a fun way to see who’s out there, and to connect with the friends of friends you may never have met otherwise. Matches always share a social connection, so you’re always meeting through friends.

 This week we look at the difference in how men and women use Hinge, and how it contributes to the rarely understood mating rituals of one of the world’s most mysterious and interesting specimen: the Single Washingtonian.

Hingesights: Guys vs. Girls!

Let the battle of the sexes begin! Our nerds have been at it again, and it turns out guys and girls do not play Hinge the same way. Ladder theorists and evolutionary biologists step aside - Hinge is here to shed a little light on the great mysteries of courtship.

Who makes the cut? It’s common knowledge that girls are pickier than guys. If you want proof, we suggest taking a girl and a guy to a restaurant, and see which one asks to completely restructure their salad. The big question is, how much pickier is the fairer sex? All in all, girls favorite only 16% of their daily potential matches. Remember, ladies-- you don’t have to hoard your favorites. They’re unlimited. It doesn’t mean the guy is your soulmate, just that you’d be open to starting a conversation.

On the other side, guys favorite a solid 34% of their daily potentials. Chivalry, perhaps? Equal opportunity daters? Maybe it’s video game tendencies, and their thumbs just instinctively favorite girls because of the relative location of the buttons on an X-Box controller.

Whatever the reason, our data confirms that girls are pretty darn choosy with their potential dates, and guys are a bit more “open-minded.” Or whatever word you’d like to use there.

The Clooney Effect Another trend we noticed is that as age increases, the likelihood of favoriting potentials slightly increases for women, but actually decreases for men. Are men just losing their motivation, or are they suddenly slammed with dating options as they enter their Clooney years? Either way, we're certainly glad to see women pursuing a solid dating life, regardless of age. Get it, girls.

Our closing takeaways? Both sides need to keep saving favorites! It’s good for you, regardless of where you are on the ladder of life. And ladies of Hinge: live a little! You never know-- your next spontaneous favorite could be your next great date.


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