Americas Datafest Immigration Hackathon



Immigration Hackathon

Join Americas Datafest in a multi-city immigration hackathon this November 2-3 at 1776!  We will be focused on migration in the Americas with a goal of:

  • Contributing to the immigration debate in the US by analyzing and visualizing public data.
  • Building apps, websites, and other tools for migrants and nonprofits that study human migration in the Americas.

The hackathon is an opportunity to showcase your skills and contribute to an important cause while having fun.  The event is also a chance to meet and connect with like-minded people.

Participants can follow our list of challenges, or of course work on their own ideas. Projects will focus on issues that are local, national, or regional.

The hackathon will take place in over 20 cities and 13 countries. Our local event in DC is sponsored by Intridea and will take place at 1776. Online participation is also an option for those who live outside the DC area and can’t travel. Please see the event’s page for more details and signup here.

We all look forward to hacking with you on November 2nd!

Contact Us

TeresaBouzaIf you have any questions you can send an email to Teresa Bouza, lead organizer of the event at: