Board Meeting Notes for December 2013

The Data Community DC Board

Data Community DC (DC2) is a member driven organization that provides a truly open and welcoming community of people who produce, consume, analyze, and work with data. The organization is a coalition of several meetups, governed by an elected board that meets once monthly in an official decision making capacity. In an effort to ensure that we're open and transparent to our community, we have decided to publish the notes from board meetings in summary form on the DC2 Blog.

December 19, 2013

The board met via a Speek conference call organized by the President, Harlan Harris. Forming a quorum were:

  • Harlan Harris, President and Founder, DSDC
  • Sean Gonzalez, Secretary and Founder, DVDC
  • Tony Ojeda, Treasurer and Founder
  • Abhijit Dasgupta, SPDC
  • Jason Barbour, DSMD
  • Matt Matoyka, DSMD
  • Ben Sweezy, DSDC
  • Robert Dempsey, DWDC
  • Benjamin Bengfort, W3DC
  • Robert Vesco, DIDC

The first order of business was to review the contract between DC2 and the Data Wranglers DC Meetup, adding DWDC to the DC2 organization. After final edits, a vote was held to approve the contract and to admit Robert Dempsey to the board, which passed unanimously. Harlan Harris has assumed responsibility for running through both the new member and new program action lists. Expect a full announcement in the next couple of weeks.

Data Community DC is a confederation of Meetups whose organizers make up the board. As such, each Meetup has a relationship with DC2 governed by a contract. DC2 provides branding, outreach, and financial support to the Meetup, and the Meetup organizer(s) agree to share sponsorship with the other programs. The contract signed between DWDC and DC2 has a novel “prenuptial” clause outlining the terms in case either party wishes to separate again. The board wants to ensure that the confederation will function well even in the case of a changing group of Meetups. Discussion followed on whether or not to retroactively provide a similar clause to other Meetup contracts. No resolution could be reached on the necessity of this clause, therefore no action was taken.

The conversation then shifted towards a planned "uber-level" event held in Montgomery County that all Meetups would participate in. This event would be financed through existing sponsor money, and whose location in Maryland would be convenient to both DC and MD members. A short brainstorming of who to invite to keynote led to some discussion of the framework of the event: is it a half day, a whole day, or some more conference-like event? The board discussed whether or not we were ambitious enough to hold a call for presentations and put together a selection committee. The final conclusion is that Jason Barbour and Rob Dempsey will create an event proposal with the help of the board.

As this year comes to a close, the board naturally began discussing plans for the next year. Nominations were opened for the election of officers that will take place at January’s board meeting. Harlan Harris was nominated for President, Sean Gonzalez for Secretary, and Tony Ojeda for Treasurer.

Further planning for 2014 included budget and goal planning proposals. Tony Ojeda and Harlan Harris will work towards determining if some formal budget for the organization is required and helpful. For 2014 goals, we would like to organize a process for highlighting key programs and measures for the year. Some thought about trying to become a metrics-driven organization and overall strategy and direction is required. Sean Gonzalez and Abhijit Dasgupta were assigned to implement a goal elicitation process.

The board wrapped up with a discussion on outreach and impact with social media -- also related to the goals of the organization. Media outreach, particularly on Twitter, should be designed to connect the community, not simply broadcast to it. Space for job postings and other community centric opportunities including open source software on Github was also discussed.

The board wishes everyone Happy Holidays and wish you well for the New Year!


Each organization individually reports for the month. Some highlights from these reports are as follows.

  • President: Thank you to Sara Zellner for all her help with DC2, we wish you well on your future pursuits!
  • President: DC2 is looking forward to some upcoming partnership events: Data Innovation Day in January, General Assembly’s Data Science Panel in January, and Big Data Week in April. Stay tuned for specific announcements about these partnerships.
  • Secretary: Welcome Evelyn Chou who will begin supporting DC2 on social media
  • DVDC: Speaker required for event at Deloitte Digital's HIVE, preferably someone with D3 experience
  • SPDC: Speaker required: AWS/Azure/GCE and analytics using Python/R
  • DSMD: T-Shirts to arrive soon!
AuthorBenjamin Bengfort