Ranking DC Software Companies for Fun and Employment

Are you a software engineer or data scientist in the DC area looking for a new project to work on? How do you select a company whose culture will fit your own? How do you look for the type of work that will fascinate and inspire you?

DC's Jen Rullmann had the same questions, and in order to answer them, she did what any good data scientist would do- she created a data experiment and tested it. Here is the link to the app she created for that experiment:

Find the best software teams in the DC area

Her hypothesis: DC companies that use Github and have team members that have open source projects are the best software teams. They have demonstrated a commitment to the community, use cutting edge development tools, and are not afraid to show what they do to the world. Ranking is simple- the company with the most team members on Github with the most repos wins!

"I found that many of the best software teams specifically request to see job candidates' GitHub accounts.  So if you're looking for a really good team, it makes sense to start with asking which companies are well represented on the site."

And in fact, DC does do very well, she found 466 companies with 968 users that have Github accounts. The methodology was simple- do a search on Github for users that list their location as DC, Virginia, or Maryland; then group them by their organization. Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect system- these are not required fields in Github, so the search could miss a lot of great coders. However, the results seem to indicate that coders who love their jobs and list their organizations will be rewarded!

"I've found this to be a great starting point for looking into a company.  I'd love to add more information in the future.  Glassdoor ratings would be good, and correlating talks at Meetups and Conferences would be amazing!"

Perhaps more than anyone, data scientists have the ability to flip the tables in the recruiting process- inspecting companies as closely as they inspect them. Data products like Github are becoming essential not just for the recruiting process but also reverse evaluations. Corporate environments are responding not with spending money on recruiters, but by influencing their team members to play a role in social networks like Github, Meetups or LinkedIn.

Data Community DC is also on Github, where you can find a fork of Jen's code. Feel free to contribute to it or any other project. If you have an interesting project of your own that you would like to open up to the DC2 community, please let us know!