Data Wranglers DC Covers 90% of Data Science With A Monthly Meetup

[ DC2 President's Note: We are thrilled to announce that Data Wranglers DC is now the sixth Meetup group under the DC2 umbrella, and that its organizer, Robert Dempsey, has joined the DC2 board. Please join me in welcoming Rob, and I encourage everyone to attend DWDC events, or better yet, present! -Harlan ]

For many of us in the data science world, our days are filled with gathering and extracting, munging and cleaning, aggregating, and every other “-ing” that’s required to create a dataset an analysts can do something with. Often, that analyst is also us. After hearing, over and over again, how 80-90% of time spent on data projects is working with the data, I decided to create a meetup just for that.

Data Wranglers DC was born.

Data Wranglers DC, or DWDC for short, is a group for data wrangling professionals that meets monthly for technical discussions on saving time in that 80­-90% of effort on data projects. Topics include open data, data munging, and the creation, gathering, storage and maintenance of datasets.

Each meetup is curated to ensure that you, as a professional, will leave with some hands-on knowledge. Our instructors provide free code examples and slides, and many times sessions are recorded. Food and drinks are kindly provided by our sponsors, as are our venues.

In addition to the meetup site, we have an active LinkedIn group where we share resources and have discussions.

I am very proud to have DWDC be a part of the DC2 community. Since joining the community in April 2013, and now being a board member, I have been continuously impressed by the level of presenters and depth of topics chosen. I am working with my fellow board members on a larger-scale “uber” event (stay tuned for details) which should also impress.

If data wrangling is part of your job, come to the next DWDC meetup and join our LinkedIn group. You will be in the company of a wonderful group of professionals seeking to improve themselves and their peers. I look forward to having you as part of our community.