Developments with Data Visualization DC

SantaAlcubierreWarpDrive From its inception, Data Visualization DC has been actively searching for new ways to engage its audience and create a more integrated self sustaining community, and be a more valuable part of Data Community DC.  Most recently we've invested some of our sponsorship funds with Event Central to cover our events with great photography and video, and who has also been working with MoDevDC, Action Design DC, and others to create a series of excellent content unique to the Washington DC technical community. Event Central has recently completed the video from the last DVDC event "Visualizing Christmas & Visual Storytelling", which itself is the result of community participation by SynglyphX,,, Developfor, and a few volunteers.

Our goal with the local and at large data visualization community is to keep our finger on the pulse, engage with top talent, promote great content, facilitate relationships, and organize resources.  As a result of working with volunteers on Visualizing Christmas we will soon be able to offer workshops in data viz, something we've wanted to do since demand spiked after Andy Trice presented at nclud last summer.

In a similar vein, Antonio has been doing an excellent job putting these videos together and in time we hope to have a resource where people can easily navigate through these videos via time-tags based on subject, discussion, presenter, etc.  Once again we'll reach out to the community, and those interested in helping write that algorithm, can join DVDC and DC2 during periodic coworking sessions at 1776 or any coworking spaces interested in hosting us, where we'll get into all the details and other ongoing Data Community DC projects.

Plenty more to discuss, but I'd like to keep this post short(er), so join us at DVDC and let's go down the rabbit hole!