Saving Money Using Data Science for Dummies

I'd like to tell you a story about how I made "data science" work for me without writing a single line of code, launching a single data analysis or visualization app, or even looking at a single digit of data.

"No, way!", you say? Way, my friends. Way.

Our company is developing, a new way for voters to fundraise for the candidates they'd like to have run for political office. We realized that, even here in DC, there is no active community of people exploring how innovations in technology & techniques impacts political campaigning, so we decided to create it.

I started the process of creating RealPolitech, a new Meetup, last night. It's clear that Meetup up makes use of data and, more importantly, thinks about how to use that data to help its users. For instance, when it came time to pick the topics that RealPolitech would cover, Meetup did a great job of making suggestions. All I had to do was type a few letters, and I was presented with a list of options to select.

I got the whole meetup configured quickly. I was impressed by the process. But, when it came time to make a payment, I went looking for a discount code. Couldn't find one in FoundersCard. Couldn't find it in Fosterly. Or anywhere else online. Seventy two dollars for six months is a good deal, already. But, still, we're a bootstrapped startup, and every dollar saved is a dollar earned. So, I decided to try something.

I just... stopped. I figured, if Meetup is gathering and providing data during the configuration process, they must be doing the same during checkout. So, I figured I'll give them a day or two to see if I receive an unexpected "special offer". Sure enough, by the time I woke up, I had a FIFTY PERCENT discount coupon, along with a short list of people who may be interested in RealPolitech, as incentive to pay the dues and launch the Meetup.

RealPolitech is up and running. You can find it here, come join and share your ideas and expertise! We are putting together our kickoff event, and lining up speakers and sponsors.

Oh, and I saved 50% off the dues by leveraging my knowledge of data science to get the outcome I wanted by doing... absolutely nothing.