GovTribe Releases Government Contracting Data API

ARLINGTON, VA – GovTribe Inc, a technology firm specializing in government contracting market data, today announced the beta release of its application programming interface (API).  The GovTribe API provides real-time federal contracting market data through a RESTful web service. Customers can now integrate important government contracting data from 130 federal agencies with their own internal systems. In building the API, GovTribe set out to simplify accessing government contracting market data. By providing structured, machine-readable data customers are able to integrate key market intelligence into their existing platforms. For example, customers can monitor upcoming opportunities or analyze the procurement history of a specific vendor or agency.  The GovTribe API provides the same data used to power its iPhone, iPad, and Custom Reports products.

“The biggest benefit of the GovTribe API is manicured contracting data, obtained from multiple sources, that’s available in real-time, ”said GovTribe CEO Nate Nash.  “We do the hard work of resolving things like vendors and contracting officers so that our customers can get the intel they need, when they need it.”

The new GovTribe API is available as a RESTful web service that outputs JSON documents. It provides entity endpoints with details about U.S government projects, agencies, offices, vendors, people, protests, and categories. For each of those entities, it provides contextual relationships, such as lists of vendors who win small business projects from a specific agency. Additionally, the GovTribe API provides full text search capability across all entity endpoints.

“The possibilities are endless with the new GovTribe API,” said Nash. “Customers now have more flexibility than ever to integrate government contracting data with their own internal systems or processes.  Whether you work for the federal government or a private sector contractor, understanding the market is critical to successful procurements. The GovTribe API gives you that understanding in real-time.“

During the beta release, API keys are free. After the beta release, GovTribe will provide tiered pricing based on request volume. GovTribe encourages developers and data enthusiasts to provide feedback and feature requests through its GitHub repository.

About GovTribe GovTribe Inc. is a government market intelligence firm headquartered in Arlington, VA. Founded by three former government contractors with a penchant for data mining, it has been delighting customers with real-time market intelligence since 2012.  More information available at