Endgame hosts DIDC's Data and Cyber Security August Event


Our (lucky number) 13th DIDC meetup took place at the spacious offices of Endgame in Clarendon, VA. Endgame very graciously provided incredible gourmet pizza (and beer) for all those who attended.

Beyond such excellent beverages and  food, attendees were treated to four separate and compelling talks. For those of you who could not attend, a little information about the talks and speakers is below (as well as contact information) and the slides!

Franz Payer is a programmer at Tactical Network Solutions and a co-founder of Cyber Skyline. At TNS, Franz develops for several research and development projects, including the company's commercial Reaver Pro software. At Cyber Skyline, Franz leads development on the company's cybersecurity game and competition platform. Franz is a sophomore at the University of Maryland, majoring in computer science in the cybersecurity honors program.

With cyberthreats becoming more and more pervasive in today’s internet landscape, what are we doing to train our new generation to deal with these challenges? Current efforts are falling short and need to be improved. This presentation covers current efforts by both the government and the private sector to generate interest in cybersecurity education and how effective they are at producing a workforce to protect our critical systems.

Download slides: (DIDC Cybersecurity Education-Franz.pptx)

John Bullard of Distil Networks presented a summary of the 2014 Bad Bot Report, which is available for download here: http://info.distilnetworks.com/bad_bot_report_may14

The number of bad bots has grown exponentially in recent years, causing varied levels of harm to all Internet stakeholders. Individual Internet users experience poor performance and often lose control of their own connected device; businesses see their online intellectual property, content, and data stolen while facing unnecessarily high bandwidth fees; and any organization or person who relies on one or more websites to perform its mission increasingly faces bot-driven obstacles to success. 

"Clustering Cyber Datasets for Classification and Outlier Detection" by David Pekarek (dpekarek@data-tactics.com), L-3 Data Tactics, Data Scientist earned his PhD in mechanical engineering at Caltech in 2010. After a postdoc at Northwestern University, in 2012 he traded work on robot simulators and optimal control algorithms for projects developing big data analytics. At L-3 Data Tactics he is part of the growing team of data scientists and has gained a breadth of experience working on varied projects and data types (cyber, geospatial, network, financial). For the past year his focus has been exclusively network analysis and cyber security.

“Time Series Analysis for Network Security” by Phil Roth (proth@endgame.com), Endgame, Data Scientist thinks every problem in the world is solvable - all it will take is the right chart or graph. He first pursued this quest for the perfect plot in physics graduate school, where he searched for neutrinos using a huge detector buried in the ice at the South Pole. He even got the chance to help in the construction of that detector on location in Antarctica - all for the pursuit of the best dataset. After receiving his PhD in physics, he worked at a small radar consultancy developing image formation algorithms and repeatedly calling np.fft.fft(). He is now a data scientist at Endgame where he applies data analytics to network data in order to detect problems and provide visibility into clients' systems.

Download slides: (Data Innovation Meetup-Phil-Endgame.pptx)