Natural Language Processing DC Discussion List

Data Community DC is pleased to announce a new service to the area data community: topic-specific discussion lists! In this way we hope to extend the successes of our Meetups and workshops by providing a way for groups of local people with similar interests to maintain contact and have ongoing discussions. In a previous post, we announced the formation of the Deep Learning Discussion List for those interested in Deep Learning topics. The second topic-specific discussion group has just been created, a collaboration between Charlie Greenbacker (@greenbacker) and the DC-NLP Meetup Group and Ben Bengfort (@bbengfort) and DIDC - both specialists in Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics.

If you're interested in Natural Language Processing and want to be part of the discussion, sign up here:

This discussion group is intended for computational linguists, data scientists, software engineers, students, faculty, and anyone interested in the automatic processing of natural language by a computer! NLP has received a big boost in recent years thanks to modern machine learning techniques - and has made tasks like automatic classification of language as well information extraction techniques part of our every day lives. The next phase of NLP involves machine understanding and translation, text summarization and generation, as well semantic reasoning across texts. These topics are the forefront of science and should be discussed in a community of brilliant people, which is why we have created this group! From current events to interesting topics to questions and answers, please use this group as a platform to engage with your fellow data scientists on the topic of language processing!

We hope to see you on the group soon!