Applications Now Open for District Data Labs Incubator and Research Lab

Applications are now open for the Spring 2015 session of the District Data Labs incubator program and research lab.

The Incubator is a structured 3-month project development program where teams of people work on data projects together.  Each team is assigned one project and team members build a data product together over the course of the 3 months.  Team sizes are small (3-4 people per team) and are carefully assembled to contain a mix of quantitative and technical skills.

The Research Lab is an applied research institute focusing on the development of novel, innovative data science solutions whose practical applications have the potential to make a significant impact across multiple industries. These projects aim to push the envelope of current technological possibility, and data science provides the tools to successfully push beyond current limitations.  In addition to being more technologically advanced, the Research Lab projects also typically require a higher level of expertise than the projects in the Incubator Program.

Both programs are free, and if you'd like more information about either of them, head over to the DDL Projects page.

Full Disclosure: District Data Labs is a partner organization who co-hosts weekend workshops with Data Community DC and has overlapping boards.