Intro to Python for Data Science Workshop on October 3rd

Data Community DC and District Data Labs are hosting an Intro to Python for Data Science workshop on Saturday October 3rd from 9am - 5pm. Register before September 19th for an early bird discount!


Python is an open-source, powerful, widely-used, general-purpose, high-level programming language. It has broad application from web development to data analysis. Python is often used to teach introductory programming because it is easy to learn. However, Python is also used by professional software developers at organizations such as Google, NASA, and Lucasfilm Ltd.

What You Will Learn

This workshop is an introduction to Python for data analysis. Students will learn how to get started using Python as a tool for data analysis. Starting with the basics, students will gain an understanding of how Python is used by data scientists. Students will also download and install Python 2.7 (or later) on their computers, select an integrated development environment (IDE) and text editor, and begin to write basic scripts applicable to data analysis.

Course Outline

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Interacting with your Computer: Learn the impetus for using the command-line and some of the basic commands in one command-line dialect, bash, that you will use when developing scripts.
  • Python Data Types and the Interpreter: Learn the syntax of the basic Python data types and how to interact with Python’s interactive shell.
  • Python Control Flow and Python Scripts: Learn how to implement logic in Python with control flow statements and how to structure and run a Python script.
  • Python Libraries for Data Analysis: Learn how to browse for and download third-party libraries using PyPi and pip, how to import them into your scripts, and some of the basic data analysis and plotting tools of pandas and matplotlib.

After taking this workshop, students will be able to write and execute Python scripts and apply Python to some basic data analysis tasks like generating summary statistics, cleansing missing or extreme values, and plotting basic graphs.

Instructor: Laura Lorenz

Laura received her Bachelor’s from James Madison University, where she first started programming by using Python to manage autonomous computations while studying bacterial genomics. So, despite turning into a polyglot, Python is both her favorite and native programming language. She now works as a data and software engineer, implementing and operating diverse solutions with both the data and web team using Python tools and frameworks such as Django, Flask, pandas, and scikit-learn. She is also adjunct faculty at Georgetown University where she teaches Introduction to Python for Data Analysis as part of the Data Analytics Certificate Program.

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