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Click to contact a DC2 Agent

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Data Community DC Agents

In a city that is built on who you know, your DC2 Agents fit in perfectly. We are your access point to a growing network of 20,000 local data practitioners, focusing on helping our members find each other across our weekly events and generally keeping our members’ interests in mind. Here are some of the scenarios we work with:

  • Member: I’d like to get into deep learning.
  • Agent: We’re hosting a talk on deep learning Tuesday, have experts on our advisory board, and organize a workshop twice a month. Where would you like to start?

  • Member: I work in excel and would like to learn a little code, where do I start?

  • Agent: We have a number of educational partners and we host free mini-hacks. What’s your budget?

  • Member: My company just won a contract and we need to hire, can you help?

  • Agent: Our free events are filled with local talent, and if you need a little support we’d be happy to introduce you to one of our partners.

  • Member: We’d like to promote ourselves in the local data scene, and get to know the key players. How can DC2 help?

  • Agent: Our network of 20,000 data practitioners is growing every day and reaches 500+ people each month. Our Sponsorship Network and Organizers Program is regularly invited to private and invitation only events. Would you like to join us?

  • Member: I just finished my dissertation and would like to get involved in the community. Where do I start?

  • Agent: Perhaps you would you like to speak at one of our events or help organize?

In the 5 years of DC2’s existence one thing has been consistent: people attend our events looking for great people and opportunities in data science. We tried so many things over the years: hackathons, themed events, coordinated events, joint events, meetings, committees, titles, volunteers, debating, defining, electing, partnering, sponsoring, hiring... (deep breath) - let’s talk about what happened.

This is how I think of DC networking events, especially tech events:

Click to Contact a DC2 Agent

Click to Contact a DC2 Agent

Over the past 6 years we’ve perfected hosting events and mentoring new organizers, but it takes months and years to build relationships and find your friends and core network. Even then, we don’t know where people are in their lives, what they are looking for, all their unique skills, what they would like help with. With new relationships at events, we could be talking to exactly the right person, but in our 5 or 6 conversations during 45 minute networking session before the main event, will we get to our bottom lines and realize the person across from us is exactly who we’re looking for? Many people never have the chance to find out, and this is why we’ve created the DC2 Agents.

So the next time you’re looking to meet the right data practitioner, looking to build your data science team, looking to join a new team, looking to find a good mentor, looking for the right classes, looking to teach, volunteer, be a speaker, or anything else data, who ya gonna call?