Want to Learn Data Science? Get a Personal Tutor from SageBourse, a Hot New Startup in DC

SageBourseSageBourse is a tutoring marketplace for data science and programming. It's essentially a way for people who want to enhance their data science and programming skills to get personalized instruction from others in the community that are knowledgeable about those subjects. This can be either in person or online. The process is pretty simple. Tutors sign up and choose which subjects they know well enough to teach. When someone requests a lesson in a subject, the tutors that can teach that subject get notified and have the opportunity to bid on the lesson. Once the student chooses which bid they'd like to accept, they are connected with the tutor so they can coordinate a time that works best for both of them. When the lesson is over, SageBourse takes care of collecting payment from the student and paying the tutor.

This provides those that want to learn data science and programming an easy, affordable, and efficient way to do that. It also provides those that can teach these subjects the ability to leverage the knowledge they have to make a some extra money.

According to the Founder, DC2's very own Tony Ojeda:

Tony Ojeda_smallThere's an increasing amount of data being made available every single day.  I strongly believe that the more people we arm with the skills necessary to turn that data into information, and then do something useful with that information, the better off we will be.  Organizations are becoming more data-driven and the jobs of tomorrow are going to reflect that.  Technology is advancing and if your skills aren't advancing with it, you risk getting left behind.  I created SageBourse to help give people the ability to not only catch up with technology, but get ahead of it.