Smithsonian American Art Museum Hackathon Day 2 !

Hackathon Day 2- The sequel!! hackathon_Day2


Welcome back!

Let me just start off by saying thank you SMITHSONIAN AMERICAN ART MUSEUM for putting on the best hackathon ever! Granted, it was my first hackathon, but they have set the bar very high. In case you missed it, check out part 1 of this two part post.

Day 2 commenced with breakfast at 10 am and a continuation of hacking and developing our 2 minute videos and 5 minute presentations to meet the 4:00 pm deadline. You could clearly see many of us had little sleep despite the fact that we got to go home. We all basically went home and continued to ruminate over our beautifully designed ideas.

The buzz in the room began to grow as the deadline neared and everyone started escaping into little nooks and crannies to record their 2 minute video pitches.

At 4:30pm presentations began, and they were incredible. The link to all the videos will be posted shortly. Here is a quick summary of what in less than 48 hours, hackers accomplished:

1. Team Once Upon a Time: A dad and their kids got together and created an incredible video of an interactive museum experience where you would basically tap on items in the museum and get information on them via online sources.

2. Team Muneeb and Sohaib: Two brothers with a mission! Sohaib developed a game simulation of the museum where you could pick a character and immerse yourself in an fantastical experience at the Luce Center. Muneeb developed a phone application where you could call a number and get information on that art piece. It was like 311 for art!

3. Team Kiosk to the Future: A beautifully designed mobile application where you could take a picture of the art, get information about it, share with your friends, and all other sorts of neat tricks. It was fully functional on their phone, by the way.

4. Team Geosafe: A mobile application where you could learn more about the artists of the art pieces, like where they lived and even see where they lived on a map in real time. It had a really nice “touch-screen” feel and view. This a one-man team!

5. Team Patrick: A great prototype of having a number of very interactive kiosks in the art museum so you could get information of the art you were looking at during that moment and find related art works nearby. You could walk around and feel welcomed by the space and always re-orient yourself at the nearest kiosk. Another one man team.

6. Team Megatherium: A great interactive game idea, where you would select tiles on a screen about art, play a game with questions about those art pieces, compete with other friends, record your score, etc. The best part about this is that the game didn’t end at the museum, you could go online at home, continue to play, earn badges. It kept you connected beyond your visit. They also planned to have a Phase 2 to expand to other museums.

7. Team Diego: Another great game where you would learn about art, and also tag it based on what term you think it best described. These tags would be fed back into an algorithm to better help label the art pieces in the database as well. *Diego was not a part of the teams to be judged since he is a fellow and helped develop the API. He was also one of the judges.

8. Team Art Pass: They developed a card with a qr code that you would walking around with to interact with the space. You would scan it to a mobile device, login and also scan it across art pieces. It would record all your activity and save it to your profile. They also mentioned expanding it to other museums, so you could have all your experiences recorded in one place.  They also printed a mock-up of the card with the QR code!

9.Team Back Left: Our team developed a website where you would basically learn about art, play games, see exactly where the art piece via google maps (Regardless of where you were), develop your own art with a word tag cloud that you could print at home or at the museum and more! We wanted to make sure you always felt you were in the museum regardless of where you physically were.

The judges deliberated for half an hour and each came back for reasons why all of the ideas were great. Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

Best use of the API: Team Geosafe

Most Franchise-able: Team Art Pass

Most unexpected: Team Muneeb, the visual arts museum game

People's Choice: Team Once Upon a Time

Runner Up: Team Kiosk to the Future

Absolute Favorite: Team Back Left!

At the end we all took a great communal photo and yes we all managed to crowd source the solution of 30 people fitting in one photo ;). Group Photo!

We then had the opportunity (which we all took), to video tape small 2 minute pitches on why we think this API should stay open and available to the developers for use. I think all of our faces said WHY NOT!!?

There was some interacting, mingling and more ideation until the museum started pushing us out. The day ended at around 7pm.

So there you have it, a magnificent time to make friends, help one of our Smithsonian institutions and refine our hacking abilities.


Until another data adventure!

Signing off,