Resources and Readings for Big Data Week DC Events

We asked presenters at the various Big Data Week events here in the DC area We're part of Big Data Weekto send us any books, articles, or blog posts that they recommend that are related to their presentations. We hope you find this list of resources useful. (And we will add to it if additional speakers provide suggestions!)

Apr. 22nd -- INFORMS MD -- Getting Started with Big Data Analytics

Brian Keller recommends:

Apr. 22nd -- Data Visualization DC -- Big Data Visualization

Abhijit Dasgupta recommends:

Ben Shneiderman recommends several introductory texts:

April 23rd -- Data Science DC -- Natural Language Processing and Big Data

Ben Bengfort suggests:

Thomas Rindflesch recommends several papers related to his work on Semantic MEDLINE, including:

Apr. 23rd -- Big Data DC -- Challenges of Visualizing and Exploring Big Data

Will Gorman lists a number of important tools and technologies used in big data systems and data visualization:

Apr. 24th -- Data Business DC -- Big Data Infrastructure

Charles Scyphers of Oracle recommends, for the business and non-technical attendees:

Tom Zeng of Intridea suggested the following resources, which are more technical and geared more toward developers/technical managers.

And, Jim Fiori at MapR recommends:


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