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The Sunlight Foundation is looking for an Enthusiastic Software Developer

This guest post is a job listing reposted from the Sunlight Foundation. 

The Sunlight Foundation uses cutting-edge technology and ideas to make government more open and transparent. We're a non-partisan non-profit organization, founded in 2006, with more than 50 employees, including journalists, policy advocates and software developers.

Software Developer

The Sunlight Foundation is looking for an enthusiastic software developer to join our ranks in Washington, DC and expand the breadth and sophistication of what we're doing with government data. This is a new position.

We collect huge amounts of information throughout the day from all over Congress, the U.S. executive branch, and state and municipal governments. We use this information to build powerful, impactful websites (such as Open States and Scout; mobile applications (such as our Congress apps for Android and iOS); and APIs (like these). Along the way, we make heavy use of GitHub to work with other groups and developers to build an ecosystem of tools and datasets for the entire open government community (you can see some examples at and

We want to do more of all of this. If you take this position, you'll be asked to:

  • Find and incorporate new sources of useful data into our APIs and applications.
  • Create new open source tools that solve real problems for Sunlight, our users and others in the open government community.
  • Research and develop cutting edge ways of using our data to create innovative features and solve new kinds of problems.
  • Notice what we're not doing but should be, and do it.

This position will be part of a small team that focuses on many of the projects listed above. There will be plenty of opportunities to work with other teams in our technology department, as well as Sunlight's journalists and policy staff.

You'll also be asked to use a wide variety of programming languages and technologies.

Some technologies we use at Sunlight:

  • Web, system, and tool development with RubyPython, and Node.
  • Front-end and data visualization in JavaScript (and especially D3).
  • Both SQL and NoSQL, with PostgreSQL and MongoDB.
  • Searching lots of text using Elasticsearch and language analysis.
  • Native app development on Android (Java) and iOS (Objective-C).

You don't need to know all of these, but you should know a couple of them, and be able to learn some others.

Sunlight works in both cyberspace and the physical world, so in addition to writing code, it would be an extra bonus if you enjoy writing about your work, public speaking on Sunlight's behalf or meeting with people both inside and outside of government.

To apply, send an email to with your name and "Software Developer" in the subject line. Include your cover letter in the body and include a link to your GitHub account or other open-source work. Attach or link to a resume.

We will confirm receipt of all applications made to No phone calls, please. Recruiters: principals only.

Principal applicants only. Contact us by email only, all applicants will be contacted.