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Weekly Round-Up: Ford's Data, Apple's iWatch, Wavii's Acquisition, and Fighting Malaria

Welcome back to the round-up, an overview of the most interesting data science, statistics, and analytics articles of the past week. This week, we have 4 fascinating articles ranging in topics from how Ford is leveraging data to improve their operations to combating malaria using data from cell phones. In this week's round-up:

  • How Data is Changing the Car Game for Ford
  • How Apple's iWatch Will Push Big Data Analytics
  • Google Bags Another Machine Learning Startup
  • Researchers Use Data from Cell Phones to Combat Outbreaks

How Data is Changing the Car Game for Ford

This is a GigaOM article about how Ford Motor Company is using data to build better cars and better customer experiences. The article goes into some detail about how the company is doing both of these things, such as creating data products that are available to consumers with some of their automobiles that provide them with data about their car's performance. The author goes on to quote some of the folks in charge of the data efforts at Ford about internal data processes and some of the changes the company has had to make in order to become more data-driven.

How Apple's iWatch Will Push Big Data Analytics

This is a Smart Data Collective article about what Apple's rumored iWatch could mean for Big Data. According to the article, the watch will be able to capture data about where you've been, what you've eaten, how many calories you've burned, and how you've slept among other things. The author provides some examples of products currently on the market (such as Nike's Fuelband and the Fitbit Ultra) that have opened up the amount of data that can be collected from individuals and opines that Apple's smart watch will capture significant share of this market. He also predicts that this will change the world of big data analytics, and he provides some examples of why he believes this.

Google Bags Another Machine Learning Startup

Google acquired machine learning startup, Wavii, this week and this Wired article has some of the details about the startup, the acquisition, and about how Wavii's technology may be used inside of Google. The article mentions that there was a bidding war between Apple and Google for the company, so hopefully Google will be able to make this victory pay off in the near future.

Researchers Use Data from Cell Phones to Combat Outbreaks

This is an MIT Technology Review article about how epistemologists at Harvard have been able to track the spread of diseases such as malaria by studying data generated from cell phone towers in Kenya. Using this data, they can track movement to and from regions of the country they know have a high infection rate and feed that information into predictive models that can forecast how the diseases may spread. The article goes into much more detail and is a fascinating and informative read.

That's it for this week. Make sure to come back next week when we’ll have some more interesting articles! If there's something we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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