Welcome to DataKind DC!

Harlan Harris is the President and a co-founder of Data Community DC, and is a long-time fan of DataKind. Last week, DataKind, the nonprofit that connects pro-bono data and tech folks with nonprofits in need of data help, announced the first regional chapters, in the UK, Bangalore, Dublin, Singapore, San Francisco, and best of all (we think!), Washington, DC!

DC2 Needs Volunteers!

DC2 Needs Volunteers Data Community DC is a volunteer-run, community-driven organization. Our Meetups are run by volunteers, and the DC2 board is a volunteer commitment as well. But do we have enough volunteers to do all of the things we'd like to do? Not yet. Today, we're pleased to announce a new way for you -- our friends and colleagues in the community -- to help DC2 grow its events and services! Using your talents to help us out is a great way to expand your professional skills and network, and will ensure that DC2 brings you valuable Meetup events and other content for years to come.

On the DC2 web site, there is now a page called "Volunteer" which lists some ideas that we've had for projects, tasks, speaking opportunities, and more. Right now there are about a dozen, and we'll definitely add more as we (or you) come up with more good ideas. For instance, there are several ideas for software that would make this web site more dynamic or valuable, and several more that would leverage the Meetup API to make the events themselves more valuable to attendees.

Ok, you say -- a list, I guess that's a good idea. But wait, there's more.

Each of the ideas is connected to a Trello board, where you can see more details, upvote, or comment. Trello is a collaboration tool that DC2 uses internally to keep track of Meetup events and other projects. It looks like a list of lists, where items are cards that can be "turned over" to reveal discussions, attachments, checklists, and more. We've created a public Volunteer Opportunities board that has individual "cards" for specific opportunities. And, thanks to a WordPress plugin called WP-Trello, the list on the Volunteer page is a real-time view of what cards are actually in our Trello board. Finally, whenever a new card/volunteer idea is created in Trello, we use Zapier to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook.

We're looking forward to your feedback, your ideas, and your enthusiasm. DC2 is now a year old. With your help, DC2 will be able to do even bigger and better things in the next year! Thank you.

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