Data Science Program Manager - Washington DC

Students enroll in Thinkful's data science bootcamp to gain valuable professional skills, usually with the goal of landing their first job as a data scientist. As program manager you will manage a large portfolio of current students and be ultimately responsible for them successfully completing of the course and landing their first job. To achieve this you'll be in regular contact with students over email, chat, and video calls to coach them through this demanding program, proactively remove obstacles to student success, and respond to any issues that come up. You'll set expectations with students and review their work and pacing throughout the program. This is a new program with an enormous amount of greenfield, so you'll be expected to do whatever it takes to drive students to success and then build process around what works.

Each student makes a serious commitment by joining this program. As program manager, you’ll act as an advisor, counselor, cheerleader, instructor and a lot more, so you should have exceptional communication skills. You don't need to be a data scientist already, but you should be familiar with Python and excited to quickly build any relevant programming, math, and research skills you don't already have by taking the course yourself.

This job varies a lot from day-to-day with an emphasis on both hard and soft skills. You must be able to stay organized across a range of responsibilities. In addition to your work directly with students you’ll be expected to conceive and pilot new features for the student experience, contribute to curriculum improvements, and manage relationships with the data scientists who mentor your students. You’ll need a lot of energy and positivity to work with a wide variety of student personalities through both the amazing times and the difficult ones.


  • Communicate regularly with a large number of students
  • Proactively identify and resolve issues with student progress or experience
  • Evaluate student work against Thinkful standards and provide individualize feedback
  • Engage and motivate students Act as main point of mentor contact for the data science program
  • Anything and everything possible to drive successful outcomes for your students


  • Exceptional written and verbal communication
  • Creativity and flexibility in day to day problem solving
  • Knowledge of basic Python (or advanced knowledge of another programming language) and experience with or clear interest in other data science topics
  • People-orientation: you enjoy working with people, not just putting your head down and working alone
  • Experience in a startup or product development environment
  • Teaching or counseling experience is a strong plus

Compensation and benefits:

  • Competitive base salary and equity
  • Healthcare, Dental, and Vision insurance are 100% covered for individual

If you are interested in this position please email your resume or LinkedIn profile, along with a short cover email to

Where is the role?

Washington DC

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