Director of Data

Are you a database badass? Do you want to put your spreadsheet super powers to work to enhance and support our work in the social justice movement? We want to talk to you!

The Management Center (TMC) is seeking a Data Director to support our growing team by ensuring we efficiently track progress to our ambitious goals and that data is a strength of our organization. We’re looking for candidates who are meticulous about details while remembering the people and impact behind the numbers, who are excited to support the progressive and educational equity movements, and who thrive on solving problems and making systems more efficient.

Who We Are

Our mission is to help social change leaders learn how to build and run more effective organizations so they can deliver great results. Founded in 2006, we’re now a 40+ person, $10 million organization (and growing!). We've helped shape the practices of hundreds of influential organizations and thousands of individual managers, with a particular focus on leading progressive organizations working for social change.

Our clients work on issues – like promoting immigration reform, fighting for racial, economic and gender justice, advocating for educational equity, and protecting voting rights – where they face an inherently uphill battle and so must fight more effectively than their opponents if they are going to win. We aim to help them do that by making their organizations as effective as possible, by providing coaching, training, and publications for the broader field.

The Data Director is an integral member of the team who will work across programs and sectors within the organization to capture and report on data.

What You’ll Do

As TMC’s staff, client demand, and revenue have grown, our data has become much more complex. The Data Director, who will report directly to TMC’s Chief of Staff, is in charge of ensuring data is a strength of our organization by acting as a project manager, systems owner, and chief streamliner.

The role will evolve over time, and the more you can handle the better, but you’ll have two major areas of responsibility, with the first being the majority of the position:

  1. Systems and data project manager – approximately 90% of your time

Act as our Salesforce administrator to organize and understand our data (so creation of objects on the back end, and new views of data on the front end); Ensure that we track what we need to know for progress to our organizational/team/individual goals, and that we do it in more and more efficient ways, in fewer and fewer homes; Check our systems for accuracy, trouble shoot, and train others to use the systems; Work with team heads and individuals to get input and share results, and work with others to identify needs for now and for the future.

  1. Special projects and expandable capacity – approximately 10% of your time

Own once-or-twice-a-year projects like our coaching client feedback survey and board book preparation, and be able to help when capacity on other parts of the team is stretched (could be doing a call with a client who is interested in our work, or helping out with onboarding and tech troubleshooting). If you’d been in this role in the past year, for example, you would have: created monthly progress to goals reports for the executive team; spearheaded a Salesforce upgrade, created dashboards in our database for individuals and teams; come up with a better and more efficient way for us to track our impact; improved a scheduling system for our trainers; integrated software with Salesforce; and spotted ways for us to make current complicated systems simpler and have data live in fewer places.

Who You Are

To be successful in this job, you will demonstrate the judgment, work, and wisdom of a senior leader who is a model of our organizational culture. Fundamentally, we want someone who loves making things work, directly and through others, and who has the skills and seasoning to do that in our context. You may have managed staff directly, and if not, you’ve got significant experience managing complex projects involving staff who didn’t report directly to you.

More specifically, you will be most of the following:

-Experienced in Salesforce and have a systems orientation, bringing an experience level that folks usually get in 3-5 years of working in the software or one year of intensive immersion learning; in other words, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage. You are known for being able to understand and translate data jargon into language the rest of us can easily follow.

-A very strong problem solver, demonstrated critical thinking with an organizational view, experience untangling complex systems and an inclination to make them as simple and efficient as possible.

-Fast-paced and detail-oriented, bringing a passion for making things work well and an ability to handle a large volume of work impeccably in a high performing environment, including strategically prioritizing the most important and impactful projects while keeping the others on track as well.

-Relentlessly solutions-oriented and flexible, with the ability to adapt to the evolving needs of our growing organization and to think three (or 30) steps ahead to ensure things run smoothly, all with a focus on making life easier for our clients and staff.

-An excellent project manager, planning, prioritizing, troubleshooting, busting through obstacles to move things forward, while managing in all directions especially across lines of difference (by quickly gaining trust and rapport through warmth, humility, optimism, humor, etc).

-Committed to racial equity, with demonstrated successes in previous work and awareness of where you need to grow. You have the ability to work effectively with a talented and racially diverse team, and to proactively spot issues of equity and inclusion in data and bring practical solutions.

What Else You Should Know

We are an equal opportunity employer, are committed to racial equity, and we make a particular effort to recruit people of color, indigenous people, and gender-non-conforming people to apply for open positions.

This position is based in Washington, D.C., and is ideally full-time, although it may be possible to set up a more flexible work schedule. We also offer the opportunity to work from home at least one day per week.

The salary range for this role is between $71,400-$102,000, with exact salary depending on experience and new staff rarely starting at the top of the range. We also offer excellent benefits, including an additional 5% employer contribution to your retirement fund with no match required