Discounts and Promotions Ad


Discounts and Promotions Ad

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Interested in posting a discount code to our hyper active 1700+ data practitioners in the DMV area? Great! Please check out our policies below, purchase our service, and fill out our submission form.  You'll receive analytics at the completion of the ad duration.

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1. DC2 Discounts and Promotions Ads are for organizations offering products and services related to the field of data science. Irrelevant offering will be rejected.

2. Postings are $25/week (typically one newsletter per week).

3. Sponsors of DC2 or its Meetups get free postings.

4. Payment in advance, nonrefundable if we post the ad.

5. Postings must include a company logo, a URL, discount code, and an about sentence. 

6. One posting per organization at a time -- you can mention multiple offerings in a posting, though.

7. We reserve the right to request edits of submitted postings.

8. We reserve the right to reject ads for no or bad reasons. We will definitely reject ads that seem to violate applicable laws. 

9. Your ad will not be scraped by job ad aggregators.

10. If you're not already a subscriber to our newsletter, we'll add you as a courtesy, so that you can see your ad.

Thank you for helping to grow the DC-area data community!