Career Makeover Meetup

January 19th, 2016

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow evening at 7pm, we will be meeting at Brixx Pizza in Clarendon for our first meetup of the year! Because January is the start of hiring season and the time for making goals for the year, we will be discussing where we would like to be in a year data science wise.

We will have four data scientists from four different sectors, Rebecca Bilbro from government (Department of Commerce), Jacqueline Kazil from a large company (Capital One), Susanna Supalla from a small company (Blue Labs), and me (Mandi Traud) from a government contracting firm (L-3 Data Tactics). Each data scientist will speak a bit about their position and how that position may be different from the other sectors.

Each member will then write down their current position and their goal for the end of the year. We will then divide into four groups by end of year goal, grouping with the speaker that most matches your year end goal, and brainstorm steps, resume tips, and training for getting from current positions to end of year goal. You can also submit anonymous questions to each speaker which will be answered on the discussion board after the meetup.

As always, bring job announcements, workshop announcements, and conference announcements! You might also want to bring business cards and writing utensils.

Can’t wait to see you all!!