Data Community DC (DC2) was formed in mid-2012 to connect and promote the work of data professionals in the National Capital Region. We foster education, opportunity, and professional development through high-quality, community-driven events, content, resources, products and services. Our goal is to create a truly open and welcoming community of people who produce, consume, analyze, and work with data -- data scientists, analysts, economists, programmers, researchers, and statisticians, regardless of industry, sector, or technology. As of December 2014, our events reach 6000+ members with many backgrounds, from many industries. Contact us at:


Our Programs are the keystone of Data Community DC, they integrate us with the community, gives the community a pulse, and continuously renew the organization as a whole. Started in 2009 and becoming the foundation for our Board of Directors in 2012, our Programs cover the spectrum of data science, offering entry points for all skill levels and interests. 

Services and Community

Our blog is a podium for local authors creating leading articles, tutorials, editorials, and reviews. DC2 additionally operates the Data Events DC calendar, a curated calendar of relevant Meetups, conferences, hackathons, and workshops in the region.  We also have a great map of warm venues for our organizers. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are other conduits to share information among the practitioners in our community.